• Consultancy

    We offer advice and help related to the 'Tangle', distributed ledgers and the IOTA cryptocurrency. We help organizations get started with DLT and weigh the benefits against the disavantages for each use-case.

  • Prototyping

    We are able to help with creating DLT prototypes. And other 'Tangle' based products and services. Our software can help you decrease the time to develop a prototype.

  • Managed hosting

    We provide several managed hosting solutions to support 'Tangle' based products and services.

    • IOTA Node clusters

      We can run IOTA nodes in loadbalanced clusters, connected to the Testnet or Mainnet. This will allow for the best performance for use-cases with large amounts of devices.

    • GPU-based remote PoW servers

      We also host GPU-based remote POW servers. Which can assist in increasing transaction throughput and ease the burden of PoW from small devices.

    • Tangled Mind nodes

      We also host mind nodes for public and private purposes. These nodes can assist in transaction confirmation or the pooling of devices.