• Tangled IT is a company which focusses on harnessing the power of the ‘Tangle’, a distributed ledger created by the IOTA Foundation. We would like to express that we are in no way affailliated with the IOTA foundation. We're taking a deep dive into their technology. Trying to simplify and speed up the development of ‘Tangle’ based products, by building our own services and software.

  • Our goals

  • Provide services and software related to the "Tangle". Such as hosted IRI, Remote POW and TangledMind nodes.

  • Build a Automated Service MarketPlace (ASMP) where machines can outsource services to each other.

  • Simplify the development of Tangle based applications with libraries for many programming languages. And by simulating, monitoring and managing of IoT devices with TangledMind and TangledSim.

  • Help companies with Tangled based solutions or Proof of Concepts. By supplying developer resources, technical support and tools.