• Tangled (Tangled STDLib)

    The Tangled Standard library, is an abstract layer around the IOTA Core library. It's main purpose is to simplify developing on top of the 'Tangle'. And it will allow developers to go from idea to product much quicker.

  • TangledMind

    TangledMind is a service which stores, structures and processes Tangle data, like a brain. ‘Mind nodes’ configure themselves for specific purposes. They can store transactions with a specific tag, address value or message. Or they promote, broadcast and reattach transactions. The node can also function as a wallet storage facility for IoT devices. As some devices are incapable of holding their own wallets.

    • Store, track and manage "Tangle" data

      You can configure large groups of devices with wallets. And configure them in separate pools (by location or purpose for example).

    • HTTP API & Web interface for IoT devices

      The backend can support millions of devices and transactions. The web interface will allow you to visualize the pools and devices. As well as their activity and configurations.

    • Communication between IoT devices and the "Tangle"

      Attached devices will have monitored transactions. And will make sure they are process and confim. This allows for a smoother interaction with the ‘Tangle’ in it's current state.

  • TangledSim

    TangledSim is a simulator for testing the mind nodes with large amount of devices. The simulator will allow you to configure and try device infrastructure. As well as inter-communication and the distribution of tokens within a controlled environment.

    • Device pools and configurations

      You can configure large groups of devices with wallets and configure them in seperate pools.

    • Enterprise simulations

      The backend can support millions of devices and transactions. It will also allow you to for complex device configurations with many locations.

    • Infinite use-cases

      The simulator will allow use-cases from warehouse-automation and vehicle-platooning to web-payments and smart homes.

  • Automated-Service-MarketPlace (ASMP)

    The Automated-Service-Marketplace (ASMP) is a marketplace for machines. It will allow machines to use distribute services with their own wallets inside a public or private ecosystem. And it will let devices compete with each other to achieve the best results for the lowest price. The first focus is on the building blocks, which are the Tangled library and Mind nodes. More information will be released at a later stage..