What do we provide?

We provide services and tools that help developers to easier use and access the 'Tangle'. We develop software and prototypes as well as consult and assist companies. Next to that we also provide managed hosting of IOTA IRI nodes, Remote POW and our own TangledMind nodes.

What is our goal?

The purpose of Tangled IT is to engage developers to use the 'Tangle'. We try to make it easier to develop and access the ledger, by providing software and services. Our main goal is to build a automated marketplace for machines. Which, we believe, will speed up the machine-to-machine economy.


  • Tangled

    Tangled is a wrapper around the IOTA Core Library. It will help developers get started with the IOTA protocol much faster. The wrapper uses object-oriented code to use the wallet and handle transactions. It will also be able to interact with TangledMind nodes and will be available for many languages.

  • TangledMind

    TangledMind is a service which connects to an IRI node and has three purposes:

    ◎ It can store and track transactions. For example based on tag, address or message. And it will be able to send these transactions to a specific pool or even a single device;

    ◎ It can monitor and manage millions of devices. Those devices group themselves in 'pools'. Pools can be group by geolocation, purpose or any way you'd like. TangledMind includes a REST API and a web interface to visualize and manage the ‘pools’.

    ◎ It can manage your outgoing transaction. Background jobs will handle the transactions to make sure they process and confirm.

  • Automated Service MarketPlace (ASMP)

    The ASMP is a service build on top of the IOTA protocol. It will ease the interconnectivity between different services and to enable machine-to-machine economy. Within organizations, private marketplace(s) will drive optimization and help with effeciency. A public marketplace will help companies to distribute their own services. All powered by the IOTA token.

  • TangledSim

    TangledSim is a simulator for TangledMind. It can simulate large pools of devices and their communication. Allowing companies to test various pool configurations and performance distribution between devices. It will be able to test failure rates, throughput-bursts and pool activity.


  • Consultancy

    We provide consultancy on DLT based projects. We can help you determine if your project has a valid use-case for the ‘Tangle’. And what will be possible with the current state and what will be possible in a bigger timeframe.

  • "Tangle" Prototyping & development

    We are able to build proof-of-concepts for all types of application related to IoT and the web. We build tools to support developers with the steps needed to build protoypes. And release a products to the market.

  • Managed hosting

    We are providing several hosting solutions for IOTA nodes(IRI), GPU based POW and TangledMind nodes. We can create loadbalanced clusters for a more stable access to the ‘Tangle’. Or setup a single entry point to start with POC's. It's also possible to setup private configurations or help running a cluster.